PLANT & BLOOM is who we are. Our mission is to bring you the benefits of a flower-filled life!

Being in nature makes you happier, feel healthier, and boosts your energy. We want to provide service that brings joy to the true gardener. So ‘GIY’: grow it yourself! Our family company, PLANT&BLOOM, wants to promote a flower-filled lifestyle and promote bulb-style inspirations during all the seasons; for your home, garden, or on your balcony. Will you join us on this floral journey?

  • At Plant & Bloom we pioneer our own breeding, produce flowering bulbs in our own fields, and pack and ship our products from in-house to all over the world! The soil, weather, and facility conditions here in the Netherlands are perfect for growing world-famous and premium quality flowering bulbs.

  • Family owned, PLANT & BLOOM is now reaching the fourth generation of bulb-enthusiasts who are excited to inspire a green lifestyle with flowering bulbs.

We want to inspire gardeners (of any level) to get outside, make the world a greener place, and reap the natural benefits of having plants, bulbs, and flowers.