We are PLANT & BLOOM! We remind you about the benefits of nature.

It makes you happier, makes you feel healthier and it boosts your energy. Our products are strongly focused on the joy of being a true gardener. So ‘DIY’: grow your own! PLANT&BLOOM inspires and shows you how to use and style the flower product: during the seasons, in your home, garden or at the balcony. Do you step along in this floral journey?

Our family business Plant & Bloom has its own breeding company, we produce flowerbulbs in our own fields and we have a marketing and export company to pack and ship the bulbs. The best flower bulbs are grown in the Netherlands where the facilities and conditions are perfect to ensure premium quality.

Already four generations are involved in our family owned business. The fourth and youngest generation is motivated to inspire people with flowerbulbs for a green lifestyle!

We want to inspire gardeners (from experienced to beginners), motivate them to get outside and garden, and reap the benefits of having plants and flowers. Make the world a greener place!