Summer Flowering Bulbs

Flower bulbs that are planted in spring and then bloom in abundance the next summer are known as summer-flowering bulbs. Planting can start in April but should wait until the risk of frost is past. If cold winter temperatures continue long into spring, planting should wait a while. You can plant summer bulbs until the end of May.

Step 1

– Use a trowel to dig a planting hole or trench.
– Summer bulbs, corms or tubers are planted at a depth twice as deep as the bulb is tall. Begonias and dahlias, however, are exceptions since they should be planted just below the surface.

Step 2

– Loosen the soil and make the bottom of the hole or trench somewhat level but do not tamp it down.
– Arrange small varieties 10 cm apart; this is a good distance for them. The distance apart for dahlias is 13 cm, for begonias 25 cm, for lilies 30 cm and for dahlias even 40 cm.
– Put the bulbs gently into the hole with their “noses” pointed upward.

Step 3

– Cover the bulbs with soil.
– Immediately after planting, summer-flowering bulbs should be watered generously to promote rapid rooting. During a dry spring period, the soil in the garden should be kept moist.


Calla, formally known as Zantedeschia are popular exotic looking plants with flowers in the most fantastic array of colors.


Dahlia, a versatile flower that offers a huge choice in terms of colour, shape and size.